June in Argentina

Since Brett heard about the Argentinean grilled meat culture, he was determined not to miss out.   So shortly after we entered Chile, we made a scenic detour into Argentina for about 2000km before entering back. Our first stop was the city of Salta with a population of about 500,000. We were hungry and dehydrated but

Volcanoes of Ecuador

(Warning: there may be an over-reference to altitude levels at times) There they were, the Andes, stretching before us with volcanoes rising on both side. Some snow-capped, others actively spewing smoke, yet all magnificent or so we were told. It was rainy season once again and the fog had descended to the point we could

Crossing the Darian Gap or Travels with Pero (Perro)

Between Alaska and Chile runs the Pan American highway, the longest stretch of drivable roads, except for the 100km break known as the Darien Gap. While you could potentially take a car and hope to find your way throught the forest, it would be short of a suicide mission considering the terrain and human activities