A Week of Belize

We have crossed 14,000 km so for and just in time for another brake line leak. Through the word of mouth we found a good mechanic. We were told to come back the next morning at 8 am if it didn’t rain, we crossed our fingers for the rain to hold off as the forecast

The Mad Dash Through Chiapas and Yucatan

The past two weeks were inadvertently a mad rush. We didn’t even realize how fast we were going. It was only when I was trying to figure out the last time we did laundry that I noticed we have driven almost every day (and a long day) for the past two weeks (minus five days

Mexico Mainland

The mainland of Mexico which we just about missed as we planned on taking the coastal route, was well worthy, although lack of a guidebook for Mexico has made things a bit challenging. Luckily we did not miss Guanajuato, a beautiful colonial city and an old silver mining town, located at 2200 meters where we settled

Road Through Baja

The problem with having an incredibly comfortable bed for a while is having to adapt to anything less then that.  I guess fixing my thermorest (which got a hole in the first week) would help, but realistically this will probably not happen.  We did figure out that having Ella squeeze on the front seat makes for a more comfortable sleep

Crossing the US

First day of our trip, it is 10 am, at Canadian Tire, we are praying Glen is as trustworthy mechanic as his name implies.  After all we could only come up with one other Glen and he seemed to back up this theory.   The diagnosis was a leaking break line with the recommendation to replace all of

The Beginnings

The idea to drive to Latin America was more of a space filler among various other ideas, but seemed to have won single handedly or hands down, to be more grammatically correct. Therefore preparations began…about 10 days before our departure date.  The car nominated for the adventure was Kijiji’s own Chevy Astro, 2003, previously owned by a