East, West and Central Costa Rica

In preparation for our visitors who were soon to come, we continued the search for the best of Costa Rica.  However, first was another short gig with a fellow couchsurfer.  Not that we had much need for this, as we had a van to sleep in, but the idea of couchsurifing was such a neat concept that

Nicaragua’s Rural Side

After spending almost a month in towns we finally migrated to more rural landscapes. First was the trip via a ferry over to Ometepe, a large freshwater island made up of two volcanoes. That’s kind of what our days looked like, pictures, car, food, laundry, food…we did attempt a hike but after about 15 minutes got hungry

The Rains That Ran Us Out of Guatemala

When we first arrived to San Pedro La Laguna at Lake Atitlan, the guy at the coffee shop where we stayed was unsure if we were staying for 4 months or 4 days.  Soon it became clear foreigners had a hard time leaving this place and he couldn’t believe we were only there a few