The Rains That Ran Us Out of Guatemala


When we first arrived to San Pedro La Laguna at Lake Atitlan, the guy at the coffee shop where we stayed was unsure if we were staying for 4 months or 4 days.  Soon it became clear foreigners had a hard time leaving this place and he couldn’t believe we were only there a few days.

San Pedro La Laguna and Brett trying not to run people over as we drive out through the market.


Dock at San Pedro


The row of houses sit in the lake since the nineties when the water levels rose due to a hurricane


We jammed Ella and the two of us in a kayak and took to exploring the lake

The dry spell of the rainy season came to an end, at least temporarily.  This, once again signaled our time to move on in search of drier grounds.   We headed for Antigua, well not at first, but it’s where we ended up (and not so dry either).  Instead of driving back up and out the way we came we opted for the shorter route around the San Pedro Volcano.  This came with it’s own problems, as the route is notorious for armed Banditos.  However we were in luck as Guatemala provides police escorts for free (only asked to help with ‘gas’).

Getting escorted around the San Pedro Volcano.


Trying to outrun the rain, fog and gloomy skies

Arriving to Antigua we checked into a police station right in the centre of the city as we heard they let overlanders camp on their lot.  The theme of the day was police, as we started with a police escort, got stopped at a police check point and slept at a police station.  Having briefly visited Antigua a few years back we retraced our steps to the same pizza place, as we could not find a place that would let Ella inside.  We took our pizza to the park as we did two years ago but this time out of necessity, as we would have rather cozied up inside, away from rain and the dark.  Once again I tried to sell Ella to the local passerby’s but she barked them all away.  Alas, we headed to Café Nose, a cool indi joint that not only allowed the dog in but had one of their own.

Police Station Sleeping Quarters in Antigua
Roof flowers in Antiqua
Antiqua in the rain and empty streets, as we try and find an open breakfast place on a Sunday
Escaping the rain with a cup of coffee that cost more then our lunch, nearly.

The next day we got ready for roaming around this charming town, but after lunch time with no end to the rain, we called it quits and packed our van for the beaches of El Salvador.




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