A Week of Belize


We have crossed 14,000 km so for and just in time for another brake line leak. Through the word of mouth we found a good mechanic. We were told to come back the next morning at 8 am if it didn’t rain, we crossed our fingers for the rain to hold off as the forecast did not look good for the next 7 days. Next day by noon we were leaving the mechanics after the longest shift ever of watching someone work but in company of his wife, daughter in law, parrot, nice dog, crazy dog and cat it was quite entertaining. This time the damage was $50 vs $300 back in Canada.

Car fixing in progress

After a few days in Chetumal we were off to Belize. Without any real traffic it took about an hour to cross the border. Between getting us out of one and into the other country, then doing the same for the car and the dog, fumigation and a few other stops it turned into a lengthy procedure. Especially since there was no clear identification of what to do or where, and no one thing was really done at the same place.   So trying to find these places, backtracking on a one way street and then having to buy car permits on the side of the road, we were thankful there was not many other people there and that the spoken language was English.  It also feels really rewarding once you get into the country.

Ella’s border face
Belize had some interesting signs
This was my favourite
Orange Walk like many other places in Mexico and Belize so far conveniently has our bank

We headed for Hopkins a small beach side village which we really liked. After a night in a hostel we decided to stay another night, so we parked on the street next to the beach for a cheaper alternative. It was a sweet spot, with doctor’s office on one side, great neighbours on the other, police in the back and beach at the front. However as it was still low season most everything was closed and we struggled considering our current home does not have a bathroom. We spent the evening on the dock. While Brett chatted with the fishing dudes I watched the stars and held our fierce dog back from everyone else.

As they say: ‘home is where you park it’
Romeo and forget the cat’s name, but I am guessing Ella did not.

The following morning we woke up at 6:30 am, apparently still later then many others. Students were dressed in their uniforms and hanging out while they waited for a bus to take them to school. The girls living in the house where we parked next to, who went to elementary school still had some time so they splashed around at the shore while showing us killer bees, sting rays and other local wildlife. It seemed like a pretty awesome way to start the morning before heading to school.

Six thirty alarm free wake up
Morning Scene
Catching the bus to school
Our search for the sting ray and killer bee

We left Hopkins for Rio On Pools, but passing though Belmopan, the capital, we saw Prayash a fellow traveler we met in Hopkins who was walking along the road. He has been couchsurfing his way across South and Central America and after listening to his stories we were hooked. So to start we joined him at his current couchsurfing gig. And it was a luxurious one, we spent the evening relaxing, chatting and watching a Spanish movie we did not understand a word of, called Sin Nombre (great movie by the way). Ella was loving the air-conditioning and the carpet she made herself comfortable on, so much she tried to avoid any kind of outside activity.

The next morning together with Prayesh we headed to Rio On where Brett and I spent a couple of nights in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest (Prayash hitchhiked home to his host’s house in the afternoon). We swam and slid in some of the many natural pools nestled in the granite rocks. With no one else around we had a great time relaxing and enjoying the nature.  Also watching Brett pull a cockroach out of his underwear was pretty entertaining.

We came across three of these snakes which Brett guessed right are tree climbers
Then I accidentally threw the keys on the roof
But we got them back and then made some lunch
We did some laundry experimenting with different techniques: Laundry washing method one
Laundry washing method 2
Thermorest doubling up as a water flotation device
Prayash and Brett stroll back from swimming
Rio Frio Cave





  • Dad

    October 5, 2015 at 11:58 am Reply

    Great adventure!! Your doing very with your van repairs.


  • Drea

    October 5, 2015 at 1:41 pm Reply

    The cockroach story made me scream!

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