The Beginnings

The idea to drive to Latin America was more of a space filler among various other ideas, but seemed to have won single handedly or hands down, to be more grammatically correct. Therefore preparations began…about 10 days before our departure date.  The car nominated for the adventure was Kijiji’s own Chevy Astro, 2003, previously owned by a Montreal fire chief. Thankfully with the much appreciated help and enthusiasm from family and friends it was a very communal and exciting experience.  Final changes included: thorough cleaning, installation of linoleum flooring, side wood paneling, storage box which folds into a bed, bookshelf, curtains, two level storage space in the trunk, side tables on the trunk doors for cooking, installation of the auxiliary battery and LED lighting.  Thank you folks!

Carpet Removal
Installation of linoleum flooring and wood panneling
Anxious dog wondering why we are in the van all the time
Some drink, some work
Late evenings with the interior designer
Bed and storage unit
Ready for the furnishings, sorry no final picture.



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  • Jesse

    August 15, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Looks great guys! Awesome photos and I had a good laugh when I saw that you named your car Astrid 😉
    Carpe Diem, the road ahead is empty…